Mom Needs A Quick Stop

"I'm hungry." "The big cooler is forcing the dog onto my chair and she's breathing all over my arm Mom. Gross! Take her up there please!" "Dad, just reminding you guys- you said no stops this time." Really? We're 20 minutes away from cabin heaven and they can't cope? I roll my eyes at Dan as our teens have done countless times when they think we're not looking. (Heads up little darlings. I have eyes in the back of my head. I see everything.) Who invited the whiners anyway? I'm hungry too. And the panting dog? I know her well as it would appear I'm the only one who notices when she needs water in her bowl. And, yes I know all about the big cooler as I shopped to fill it. Yes me, the woman who

Earth, Wind, and Water

This weekend I had a spring in my step and a song in my heart. Balsam Lake is my "Boogie Wonderland" (a 1979 hit single by Earth Wind & Fire). As I moved with my family from planting our garden and feeling the earth between my fingers, to seeking out anywhere that the wind was blowing in an effort to cool down, then finally jumping into refreshing water of Balsam lake, I could not help but feel joyful, grateful and yes- musical. School and the crazy busy schedules that have driven us since September are all a distant memory as we are back to summer living on Balsam Lake. Summertime has officially arrived for me. I have my family, my fun, my garden, my lake. And they have my singing. "Dance w


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