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Earth, Wind, and Water

This weekend I had a spring in my step and a song in my heart. Balsam Lake is my "Boogie Wonderland" (a 1979 hit single by Earth Wind & Fire).

As I moved with my family from planting our garden and feeling the earth between my fingers, to seeking out anywhere that the wind was blowing in an effort to cool down, then finally jumping into refreshing water of Balsam lake, I could not help but feel joyful, grateful and yes- musical.

School and the crazy busy schedules that have driven us since September are all a distant memory as we are back to summer living on Balsam Lake. Summertime has officially arrived for me. I have my family, my fun, my garden, my lake. And they have my singing. "Dance with the boogie, get down..." (Someone should probably inform them that this music will continue through the summer).

I live for summers at the cabin and I hope you too feel the same joy and gratitude as you embark on what is hopefully another wonderful summer. And well, if you're feeling musical, feel free to hum along with me or share your own tune. After all, any music is better than the occasional blaring speakers of those boaters who do not yet realize the entire lake does not wish to share in their song. See you on the lake...

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