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Splish, Splash, We Are Taking A Bath

At LOG OFF, we call it "Sudz Up". It's the perfect ending to a perfect day. After everyone has had their last barefoot run across the glass on Balsam, the skis and life jackets are tucked safely away, and the boat is up for the night, in they go! One by one my little (well not quite so little anymore) cherubs head back into the water one last time. It's bath time.

A little biodegradable shampoo goes a long way for these Sudz Up veterans. One guest arranges his do in an Elvis Presley style. His twin brother goes for the spikes all over the head look. My son Elliott, after 11 years of this ritual, just makes one giant Mohawk down the middle of his now teenage head. As he knows it brings a smile to my face, he then seeks out my attention with, "Hey, Mom! Check it out." He gives me a smile and dives in, leaving lots of biodegradable suds in his wake. Husband Dan, well- he does the best he can but as we all know, sometimes you just have to work with what you have. As he's the self described "folically challenged" member of the family we just find amusement in his efforts. Dan, always a good sport, covers his head in sudz and ends his night by throwing in Elliott- all the while holding him in a bear hug. This father and son duo make quite a splash together.

A few more rounds and everyone is clean. As the sun sets in the west, I grab for the shampoo bottle, our giant Sudz Up rubber duck (who takes a bath without their rubber ducky?) and give the dock one last glance over. I'd like to tell you I'm just being very thorough in an effort to not leave anything behind but truth be told, I think it's so much more than a Mom cleaning up after her boys. Another day has come to an end and I find myself alone with the setting sun. It's as though we're both trying to hold on to the very last moments, of another blessing, of another perfect day. Then together, we relent to what we know is the inevitable end of our day here. As is our synchranized way of parting, she goes first. Now alone, I walk the path back up to our cabin feeling the sense of her generous warmth, peace and a fullness in my heart that I have found each and every day following this bath time ritual. "Mom!" The silence is abruptly broken by my son. He's holding the easily recognizeable dark blue Costco box of Graham Crackers. "Dad said it's okay with him if it's okay with you. Can we make s'mores?" Did I just not watch them all get clean and Sudz up?!

See you at the lake...

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